Hand Posture on the NAF

Avoid bad habits from the start with proper hand position

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Ami Sarasvati
Ami Sarasvati

Ami Sarasvati is a healing arts practitioner, author, teacher, and musician. She is a Certified Music Practitioner (CMP) and has published Learn to Play the Native American Style Flute available on Amazon and the student CD, One Life.She is a trained facilitator of community music-making events through Flute Haven, HealthRHYTHMS, and Music for People. The Native American flute is a beautiful healing art which Ami loves to share with those who hear the call.

She is a member of the World Flute Society and is an active writer on the Health and Wellness Committee. Ami loves to teach workshops of all levels and facilitate circles of drums, rattles, and flutes.

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  Hand Posture
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