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Each journey with the Native American flute (NAF) is unique and enchanting. Everyone learns at their own pace and there are many paths to becoming a “good” flute player. We have been playing flutes for thousands of years. In essence, we reunite with our ancestors by playing the native flute. This instrument is 100% natural and requires no tuning. The transcendent quality of its gorgeous tones gifts us each time we play. A new musical voice is accessed through our breath, and then through our flute. This simple and ancient instrument gives us a voice that is soothing, harmonious, and healing. Additionally, each flute has its own secrets and personality.

Having grown up playing classical piano, I truly appreciate the simplicity and portability of the Native American style flute. I also treasure how much fun it is to play with others, inside or outdoors. Truly, the Native American flute put the “play” factor back into my musical life! 

With a moderate amount of dedication, you can learn to play the flute within a few months. Good instruction from the start accelerates your learning and helps you avoid developing bad habits. With this course under your belt, you will be well on your way to happily playing the flute for a lifetime. I invite you to be gentle with yourself. Allow your hands, body, and ears to get to know how it feels and sounds to play your flute. 

Playing the flute requires breathing fully and frequently. This type of deep breathing renews our energy even when we play for a few minutes. Playing the Native American flute is a healing art and is a source of comfort to the player as well as the listeners. May your flute bring you countless moments of joy and harmony.

Welcome to a beautiful journey,

Ami Sarasvati

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